Playground Mulch: The safest playground mulch is recycled rubber mulch

Rubber mulch used for landscaping
Rubber mulch used for homes or municipal buildings
Rubber mulch used for playgrounds
Simply put, the safest groundcover available is recycled rubber mulch.

Playground Mulch Benefits

Each year, more than 200,000 children visit the emergency room due to an accident on the playground. Nearly 70 percent of these injuries are the result of a fall on the surface, which typically is covered with gravel, sand, wood, or even asphalt.

The spring and summer are meant for care-free playing, and enjoying the great outdoors, not sitting at home with an arm in a sling or a cast on the leg. Studies show that many surfaces lack the necessary safety elements to adequately protect our little ones when they are at play.  While there are many options one can choose to put beneath the swing set or jungle gym, simply put, the safest groundcover available is recycled rubber mulch.

Whether you are looking for rubber mulch that looks identical to wood mulch, such as Rubberific Mulch, or a loose fill groundcover like NuPlay or NuScape, the results will be the same – you will have the safest playground on the block.

In tests conducted by The American Society for Testing and Materials, the governmental standard for performance, rubber mulch had a fall height rating that was double that of wood mulch and sand. In addition, over time, rubber mulch will not compact, which greatly impacts the safety of a surface – if the surface will not cushion a fall, it could create an unnecessary injury.

In addition to the unparalleled safety of recycled rubber, it will not rot, fade; attract insects or wash away, even in the heaviest of showers. It requires little to no annual maintenance and is great for the environment. As a country we produce 300 million scrap tires a year and until recently, most simply went into our ever-growing landfills. By giving these treaded treasures a second life, not only are we lessening our future impact on the environment, we are keeping our future safe as they play away their youthful days.